Thermal Analysis of a Li-Ion Battery using FloEFD software
Corresponding Author: Gamze GENÇ
Received: 04.08.202
Accepted 30.08.202
Published 04.09.202

In the presented study, a thermal analysis of a lithium-ion battery was carried. The battery consists of 6 Series 2 parallel, 12 lithium-ion (NCA 18650) batteries. Liquid water was used as a refrigerant in the thermal analysis of the battery. After designing in SOLIDWORKS computer-aided design program, performance of the battery module was investigated with the help of SIEMENS FloEFD program which is a computational fluid dynamics program. The simulations were performed under steady-state conditions by using the k-epsilon turbulence model. The results bring out that the highest temperatures were occurred at the busbars and the liquid cooled batteries can operate efficiently at a temperature of 27-28°C.

Graphical Abstract: