Biomass Potential of Kayseri Province
Corresponding Author: Prof. Dr. Nafiz KAHRAMAN
Received: 05.05.202
Accepted 05.05.202
Published 11.07.202

Today the decrease of fossil fuels, which are used nearly in every area from heating to manufacture and transportation, and the environmental pollution, and external dependency in energy sector, has increased the studies about alternative energy sources not only in Turkey but also throughout the world. Among these alternative sources, biomass has a significant importance. In this study biomass potential of Kayseri province was examined. The aim of this study is to set forth the electric and biogas energy potential of the biomass sources found in the Kayseri city. In this context potential biomass and biogas calculations were realized. In the result of the calculations made, the biomass energy value obtained from the sources in hand is 5,41TW/year. Similarly the biogas energy value is 85, 97 million meter cube/year.

Graphical Abstract: