Experimental Study on an SI Engine Mapping Considering Performance, Emissions, and Cyclic variability
Corresponding Author: Prof. Dr. Bilge Albayrak ÇEPER
Received: 05.05.202
Accepted 05.05.202
Published 11.07.202

The engine manufacturer has aimed to attain optimum values for engines operating different loads and speeds by utilizing the characteristics of both spark-ignition engines having a ready combustion control and compression ignition engines resulting in low emissions, fuel consumption and, a high engine output power for years. In this regard, the efforts on the improvement in engine performance, emissions, and thermal efficiency of the engines have been constantly continuing to be updated for their whole specifically operating range. In this study, a series of experiments was performed to construct the maps of a two-cylinder, four-stroke spark-ignition engine. Considering the engine characteristics at full load, the engine was tested at seventy operating conditions depending on speed and load. With the obtained data, the engine maps were created for performance, emissions, and cyclic variability of maximum pressure, brake mean effective pressure.

Graphical Abstract: