Green Technology Solution to Global Climate Change Mitigation
Corresponding Author: SA Olaleru
Received: 05.05.202
Accepted 05.05.202
Published 11.07.202

Climate change is probably the most substantial issue ever to have faced human political, social and financial
frameworks. The risks are enormous, with serious vulnerabilities and dangers, the economic matters questionable, the science
assaulted, the governmental issues severe and muddled, the psychology perplexing, the effects annihilating, the relations with
non-environmental and environmental issues occurring in several directions. Appropriate public health and policy need to be
put in place to face the present and impending pollution and climate change difficulties. The question is whether our responses
should focus on a mitigation of its rate and magnitude by minimizing carbon emissions of economic activity and adaptation
to its unavoidable consequences. In this review, we discuss on climate change, the risk and hazard emanating from GHGs
emission and its climatic effects, global actions, meetings and approach to mitigate climate change effects, policies such as
economic, regulatory, forest/land use, technological approach. We suggest that the preventative actions including both
mitigation and adaptation measures are good options. However, prevention of environmental problems is a key issue to
sustainability. The most ideal approach to deal with environmental problem is to prevent it from being created in the first
place. Therefore, green technology proffer the solution to climate change and take the lead in preventing environmental
problems resulting to a sustainable environment.

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